Residential Life FAQ

My flight arrives a day/few days before the housing check-in date, can I check-in early?

Yes, we allow students to arrive early under certain circumstances. If you would like an early arrival you must provide a written request three weeks prior to your anticipated arrival. If approved, you will be permitted to check-in as early as, but no earlier than, 2 days prior to your housing check-in date. There is a $75.00 per day charge for checking in prior to the established check-in date. Please contact the Residential Life Office regarding the restrictions regarding an early arrival request.

What is the average temperature in Hawai`i? What kind of weather should I pack for?

The average temperature in Hawai`i is in the low to mid 80’s. During the winter months it usually does not dip below the low-70’s. You will most likely acclimate to our weather within a few months therefore you should bring at least one blanket and light comforter for sleeping. We recommend that you pack a few sweaters and light jackets for rainy days and cool nights.

Do you offer transportation from the airport?

Yes, for new students arriving on the established housing check-in date during the hours of 10:00am-6:00pm. Information on airport shuttles will be available in your New Student Orientation packet. For all others arriving on different dates or outside of the 10:00am to 6:00pm hours you will need to coordinate your own transportation. Oahu Airport Shuttle offers shuttle rides and costs $15-20. They can be reached at 808-681-8181.  Taxi service is available outside the baggage claim area of the airport. Cost is approx. $26.00 one-way.

What size are the beds in the room?

The beds are long and standard twin size. Tripled rooms in Kieffer Hall have bunk beds (standard twin size mattress).

What kind of appliances can we have in our room?

Refer to the Guide to Residential Life, electrical appliances section on page 30.

Am I required to purchase a meal plan?

If you live in Hale Lokelani, Hale Pohaku or Kieffer Hall residence halls, you are required to enroll in one of the programs offered. The rooms in these buildings do not have kitchens. Therefore your meals will be prepared by our dining services. If you live in an apartment, you are not required to enroll in a plan but you may choose to if you desire.

If I want television cable service or phone service what do I do?

Television cable services is not available in all residence halls.  Check with the Residential Life Office for availability. For these services you will have to contact the companies directly. See Newcomer Resources for contact information. Residence halls Hale Lokelani and Kieffer Hall have a television in their lounge that is available for students to watch.

I requested to live in a specific residence hall, what are my chances that I’ll be assigned there?

Housing applications are processed according to the date that the Residential Life Office received both application and deposit. It is recommended that you submit your forms and deposit as soon as possible. The earlier we receive them- the better your chances are for getting your requested preferences. Submitting your app/deposit by the deadline date guarantees that you’ll be assigned to a room however it does not guarantee a specific room and/or residence hall.

I requested to live with a friend. What are the chances that we can live together?

Refer to the answer in #8 for the application/deposit processing procedure. The same applies to roommate requests. Additionally, both students must indicate each other’s names in the roommate request section of the application/contract for the request to be considered.

What kind of activities and events can I look forward to while living in the residence halls?

The Residential Life Office, Office of Student Activities and Leadership department, and many different student organizations on campus sponsor many fun events throughout the semester to keep you entertained and active. Some of the activities we’ve had so far were: casino night, movie, beach, bowling, skating, hiking and shopping outings,
barbecues, cultural dance and music events, hiking, educational, spiritual and various recreational sports activities like volleyball, basketball, soccer, ping-pong, billiard and X-Box (video games) tournaments.

If I become sick and need a doctor what should I do?

The University provides free to Chaminade students taxi rides to a number of medical facilities in the nearby area. During regular business hours (M-F, 8a-4p) you may obtain a taxi smart card from either the Student Support Services or Residential Life offices. After hours you may get a smart card from the Residence Hall Director on duty (first contact your Resident Assistant on duty). The medical facilities that we provide transportation to are: Queen’s Hospital, Kahala Urgent Care, Straub Clinic in Hawaii Kai, Kapiolani Medical Center at Punahou, Kaiser of Honolulu, and Straub Hospital. We recommend that you check with your health insurance provider to ensure that your health insurance is accepted at the medical facility you choose to visit otherwise you may be required to pay up front. If you have questions please contact Student Support Services at 808-735-4724